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Couple Featured in 'Ghost Adventures' Found Dead in Apparent Murder Suicide

Paranormal researchers Mark Constantino, his wife Debby Constantino, who appeared on TV series "Ghost Adventures," are pictured in an undated photo. Both were found dead in an apparent murder suicide near Reno, Nevada on Tuesday.

RENO, Nev. - A couple known for their appearances in paranormal-related reality shows were found dead in a Reno-area apartment Tuesday in an apparent murder suicide.

Mark Constantino, his wife Debby Constantino and a third man, James Anderson, were killed Tuesday in Sparks, Nevada after a domestic violence incident turned deadly. The Constantinos were so-called electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) experts and made frequent appearances on reality shows about the supernatural, in particular on Travel Channel’s "Ghost Adventures."

According to KTVN-TV , the police were called to Debby Constantino’s apartment around 8 a.m. after one of her roommates found their male roommate dead, and Debby missing. Police later learned that she was being held hostage by Mark Constantino in an apartment belonging to one of the couple’s adult children. But when negotiatons for Mark Constantino’s surrender failed, a S.W.A.T. team breached the apartment door at 1:30 p.m. and found both people dead.

KVTN also reported that the Constantinos had recently had frequent run-ins with police over complaints of apparent domestic violence. In August Mark Constantino was charged with kidnapping, domestic battery due to strangulation, and domestic battery against Debby, following an incident in which their daughter was also cited as an accomplice.

The man killed, James Anderson, had allowed Debby Constantino to move in with him and a roomate into his apartment.

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