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Lexy Hammonds Stars in the Upcoming Indie Drama 'Girl Games'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Acclaimed British actress Lexy Hammonds has been cast in the leading role of “Miranda” in the upcoming indie film “Girl Games.”

“The role of Miranda has a bundle of color – something that will allow me to really dive in and dig deep to try and understanding the complexities of who she is,” Hammonds said. “Miranda is misunderstood, but deep down is a protagonist with something to prove.”

Written and directed by Sean Patrick Cannon (“American High School”), tells the story of a beloved Hollywood star who faces the worst PR nightmare possible – he is blacklisted. The women in his life now stand in the way of his quest toward redemption, settling down, or leaving an industry he loves.

The film is being co-produced by Solomon Productions, who are best known for their four-time award-winning film “The Code of Cain,” starring Eric Roberts.

“This role will allow me step away from my typecast. Growing up I was always drawn to complex characters that demand more from an actor, that challenge your skill as an artist, and Miranda gives me the opportunity to do this.” Hammonds is co-starring with Gina Hiraizumi (“The Fast and the Fierce”), Lauren Caster (“Stitchers”), Nick Shakoour (Hawaii Five-O) and Rae Sunshine Lee (“Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”).

“Lexy has brought a relaxed, positive attitude to set and is truly a great pleasure to work with and be around,” Cannon said. “Her work ethic is unparalleled, consistently surpassing my highest expectations, innately mastering my vision of the character.”

Since arriving in the U.S., Hammonds has been in a number of films including her leading roles in “Comfort,” the directorial debut of Stephane Ceretti (“Dr. Strange,”), Across The Pond’s latest Google campaign “Opinion Rewards” directed by two-time Cannes Lion Winner Jonathon Zames, as well as Alliance/A New Era’s “Voices."

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