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Acclaimed Drummer Rohan Zachariah Helps Students Learn the Drums

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – When Rohan Zachariah plays the drums it’s not always for thousands of fans of the Dale Justice Band. Oftentimes it’s for a select online audience that appreciates his patience and devotion to music.

“I love to play the drums whether I’m on stage, in the studio or by myself I love it!” Zachariah said. “Having these students, young and old, wanting to learn the drums is exciting to me and makes me want help them make their musical dreams come true.”

Himself a founding member of the acclaimed outlaw country music group The Dale Justice Band, Zachariah is preparing for the band’s tour in January and the release of its new album, but he remains devoted to his students who have made his online class a central part of their lives for the past year.

It was just a couple of years ago that Zachariah began his online class after young fans asked if he could teach them how to play the drums. Having taught the drums in his native India years earlier as a struggling musician, he had an affinity for teaching and encouraging students to work hard and learn the instrument.

He was particularly fond of teaching children with physical challenges who learned to overcome their limitations and learn to play the drums with skill and creativity. His patience and encouragement were the keys to his success.

“Had a student couldn’t control his limbs but he started moving them and soon he was able to move his hands and legs was able to coordinate them better,” he recalled. “So I missed that and when I decided to start the online classes, I found so many talented students that it’s become a passion of mine. I love watching them grow into truly talented musicians.”

Born in Chennai, India, Zachariah grew up listening to his father’s favorite rock bands like Queen, Deep Purple, Boston and others. He developed an affinity for the music and eventually gravitated to playing the guitar, keyboards and drums, before settling on drumming. He would go on to earn a film production degree at Madras University but all the while had the intention becoming a professional drummer.

After earning his masters in electronic media, to appease his parents, Zachariah was already playing with a number of top rock bands in India such as The Misfits and The Bureaucrats, ultimately performing on national television in India. But he knew he had to come to America to find musical success.

Within a year of arriving, veteran musician Dale Justice tapped Zachariah to join him in the new band he was forming that would echo the musical legacy of such country music legends as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

Those interested in Rohan Zacharia’s online drumming course, may e-mail

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