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Sound Guru Doris Perrolf Joins Horror Film 'My Dead Selfie'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Growing up in Sweden as a budding soccer star Doris Perrolf always had an affinity for films and music. With a dream of someday coming to Hollywood and pursuing her passion for capturing and creating sounds for motion pictures.

“I always felt I wanted to come to Hollywood to share my talents for music and sound to movies,” Perrolf said. “I loved technology and how you could use it to make a scene come to life with the proper sound and sound effects. It still fascinates me as how important it is to setting the mood and enhance storytelling through sound!”

Today, the former soccer player is building on a reputation for her solid work as she begins work on the upcoming film “My Dead Selfie,” from director Joy Shannon. The film tells the story of Ginger, a young and beautiful African American woman, and her professional white husband, Hal, who are full of life and enjoy a passionate marriage. But Hal has a family secret – he comes from a long line of vicious slave overseers who secretly practiced the occult. Now, in a house that is possessed by spirits and the evils of racism, Ginger has no choice but to hope that her life matters.

The cast includes Sharena Walker (“Torment: A Love Story”), A.J. Garrett (“The Pacific”), Linda Burzynski (“Shameless”), Efe (“Divergent”), Keith Wheeler (“Death Scream”), Jeff Prater (“The Good Journey”), Berna Roberts (“Meet the Fockers”) and Mike Bingaman (“A Grunt’s Life”).

As sound engineer on the film, Perrolf brings her remarkable vision that brings out the mood of each scene while highlighting the characters and their unique voice. “Recording the dialogue is just one part of the importance of sound,” Perrolf said. “Capturing their emotion as it comes out in the dialogue and creating the mood and urgency of the moment through sound is a big part of filmmaking.”

Having worked on a number of projects like the TV series “Film HQ,” “The Saints,” as well as the films “Vika,” “The Bus Stop,” “Together Again” and others, Perrolf brings a wealth of experience and know how to “My Dead Selfie.” But it wasn’t always like that.

Born in Sweden, Perrolf had an affinity for films, computers and soccer. As a teenager, she became entranced by the impact of sound mixing software on filmmaking. With the aid her father, himself an IT expert and designer, she dove headfirst into the world of Pro Tools and filmmaking. Ultimately, making her way to Los Angeles where she became a stand out student at Musicians Institute where she learned sound mixing from top industry pros.

Soon, she found herself in demand by film and television productions for her attention to detail and ability to enhance mood and emotional tone to projects. She would ultimately divide her time with recording artists seeking her expertise with their musical recordings.

“I love to be able to work on films and television shows and with so many amazing people in the industry,” she said. “But I’m also pleased to be a part of so many music projects and work with so many artists. Perhaps in the future I’ll have to choose, but I’m happy to be able to work in, film, television and music.”

To learn more, follow Doris Perrolf on Instagram at

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