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Flavia Releases New Single 'Hateful'

Acclaimed electronic/pop artist Flavia has releases her new anti-bullying single "Hateful," (Publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Irish electronic/pop artist Flavia takes on bullies and hate in a compelling new single “Hateful,” now available in iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms.

“‘Hateful is about real experiences that opened the way to the larger issues of animosity, division and bullying in our society,” she said. “The song stands for kindness, strength, and human connection. I hope to reach out to victims of hatred and bullying and remind people to treat others with love and respect.”

“When dealing with anything negative, I have to write about it and make something positive out of it. It’s the silver lining and it empowers me. I feel like I can go through anything and I’ll still be okay.”

To download the single, visit and stream on Spotify, at

Flavia first came to the attention of audiences in 2016 after a series of successful live shows that showcased her powerful vocals and unique sound.

With a passion for performing early on, Flavia began writing music at a young age in Ireland and later in Italy where she spent her formative years. Having moved often while growing up, she feels that the closest thing to home base is her music. “It's a part of me. I couldn't escape it even if I wanted to.”

For more on Flavia, visit, or follow her on,,

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