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The Strings' Frisco Drops New Solo Album

Frisco, the Strings' frontman, is releasing his debut album featuring a blend of nu-metal, alternative rock and electronic music (Publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Strings ' frontman Frisco steps away from his band and explores his rock roots in his debut solo album titled “Frisco.”

“I have songs that I’ve been wanting to record for a long time and now is the perfect opportunity to share that with fans,” said Frisco, whose real name is Yahor Tretsyakou-Savich. “It’s the kind of music that is more personal and heavier than the music from “the Strings”, so it’s a departure from the band, but still the kind music that will get people excited.”

The eclectic artist shares his love of music with a blend of nu-metal, alternative rock and electronic music that features Frisco’s musical influences made up of such bands as Muse, Hollywood Undead, Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Evanescence, Skrillex, Marilyn Manson and others that influenced him from early on. The album features the song “Beyond the line” a melodic ballad that explores the notion that no matter what is happening, one should do whatever it takes and never give up for what you think is right.

“It’s all about our mistakes and price which we pay for it, because we’re all just human,” Frisco said. “It’s very melodic song with philosophical lyrics that blend with a strong acoustic sound.”

This newest collection features music that goes from alternative rock and electronic to rhythm and blues with an accent on hard rock. Among these is “Scars” which deals with your emotional and physical scars as a way to remember yourself who you really are and what exactly you are fighting for.

Having grown up in a small family in Minsk, Belarus, Frisco learned early on about his love for music and musical instruments.

“On my 10th birthday my mom gave me a gift, which changed my life – an acoustic guitar. At early age I started to write lyrics and melodies,” he recalled. “Then, when I was 15. I decided to start my band and buy my first bass guitar after saving all my money from summer work I was doing.”

Frisco soon started his own band, called FreeSpirit where he nurtured his own sound that echoed the popular bands of the mid 2000s. He played bass for several other bands before starting “the Strings” which became one of Belarus’ top bands with such hit singles as “No Limits,” “Phobia,” and others. The band would had a tour in Europe, played a number of major festivals and venues, earned scores of fans and selling out concerts around the world.

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