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Laura Liguori Stars in 'Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story'

Laura Liguori stars in "Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story," the true-life story of an ill-fated Hollywood starlet (Publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Laura Liguori, who is known for her acclaimed work in last year's "The Gary Plays" and on television, is taking on the true-life story of an ill-fated starlet in “Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story” now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Written and directed by James Pomichter, who wrote and directed "Love, Lust & a Room Key," “Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story” tells the story of Peg Entwistle a young aspiring film actress whose big break comes when she signed with RKO Pictures and took a supporting role in David O. Selznick's ensenble drama "Thirteen Women." But before the film was released, she committed suicide by jumping off the H on the Hollywoodland sign in 1932.

The film focuses on Entwistle’s final day, leading up to the moment of her untimely death.

At the time, the death was sensationalized, painting a distorted image of the young starlet.

Today, Entwistle is revered as a casualty of a heartless Hollywood system that used up people and then discarded them as so much refuse. Entwistle herself has also become the stuff of urban legend as many today continue to claim they have seen what they believe is Entwistle's ghost haunting the Hollywood sign, but Pomichter hopes the young starlet will be remembered for the dedicated person and artist she was.

“I wanted to show her as a vulnerable, passionate young woman, one who fell victim to despair as so many others did in that time. And had she just held on for a little while longer, things would have turned around for the better,” he said.

Liguori, who stars in the film as Entwistle, conceived the idea for the film while sitting on her balcony looking up at the Hollywood sign. Liguori had just received news that she lost a role she anticipated getting and felt inspired to share Peg’s story.

Supporting roles include veteran actor, Michael Rotthaar as Charles Entwistle, James Pomichter as Robert Entwistle and cameos from Maureen Teefy (Grease 2, Fame, Supergirl), Will Rotthaar (Battle Los Angeles, Killing Kennedy), and Dan Riordan (Dream Girls, Ed Wood).

Composer/music producer James Emley enriches the story with an emotional, original score and musical soundtrack (available on Itunes and Amazon).

“Hollywood Girl: The Peg Entwistle Story” was awarded Best Dramatic Short Film at the Oscar qualifying Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Hollywood. The film will also screen for audiences at the 20th Annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival in late October.

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