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Avinash Ramachandra Makes his Debut in Only on Tuesday's New Single 'Selfish'

LOS ANGELES – Former Bones Like Snowflakes drummer Avinash Ramachandra makes his debut with Only on Tuesdays in the band’s new single “Selfish,” set for release next month.

“As the newest member of the band, I am excited to be a part of such a talented group of people,” Ramachandra said.

"Selfish" is the newest for the band known for its 2015 best-selling EP “Break Free” which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Bruce Witken, which featured the hit single of the same name. “Selfish,” which is the first release from the album’s upcoming album, features the band’s melodious style that blends strong guitar sound and a pounding drum beat with lead singer Autumn Skibinski’s trademark vocals.

“It’s a really fun pop song to play on the drums,” Ramachandra said. “It’s definitely quite unique compared to the other songs in the album. It’s one of those songs everyone in the club moves and dances to.”

The band’s upcoming album is set for release later this year, featuring “Selfish,” along with number of other songs that feature the band’s eclectic style that ranges from pop and alternative rock to classic rhythm and blues with a modern feel.

The veteran drummer recently joined the band after keeping the beat for Bones Like Snowflakes for the past two years and with the Acid Quartet, Caleb Mark and others previously. Only on Tuesdays was formed in 2009 by founder/lead singer Autumn Skibinski and features guitarist Eugene Gorsky and bassist Antonio Carter.

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