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Film Producer Akanksha Prabhune Joins Oxygen's 'A Wedding and a Murder'

LOS ANGELES – Film producer Akanksha Prabhune has joined “A Wedding and a Murder,” a true-crime series on the Oxygen network as associate producer. The show is now in its second season on the network.

“Each episode is an insightful look at marriages as they were impacted by crime and then families were forced to seek justice from an imperfect criminal justice system," she said.

“A Wedding and a Murder,” explores seemingly dream marriages that ended up in murder or mystery, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 7 p.m. Central on Oxygen. The show is roduced by Charlotte Glover (“Diabolical Women”) and Executive Producer David Leepson (“Sport Science”) for Leepson Bounds Entertainment,

“For this particular show, there was quite a bit of research involved since it’s a true crime show,” Prabhune said. “So, we obviously had to make sure that we had our facts straight. We prepared a timeline for these cases and then shot the recreations – which is basically a recreation of the crime for the show.”

The India native comes to the show after working on the film drama “Resolve,” from director Austin Dragovich (“Jurassic Prey”), starring Esther Mira (“Inn Communication”) and Poonam Basu (“Ugly Dolls”). Her other work includes films such as “Going Out,” “Car Pool,” “Memory: Time Traveling in Bits and Pieces,” “Right,” and others, as well as television shows as "Howie Mandel's Animals Doing Things,” “Crime Cleaners,” “Seize & Deliver” and others.

Later this year, Prabhune is set to begin work on a feature film and a travel show which will give her the opportunity to travel across the country and showcase the unique culture of different towns.

For more information on Akanksha Prabhune, visit her on IMDb at and on Instagram at

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