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Samuel Gordon to Produce Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pilot 'Undiscovered'

LOS ANGELES – Veteran producer-director Samuel Gordon (“Count.”) is taking on myth, science fiction and fantasy in “Undiscovered,” a new proposed pilot now in pre-production.

“Undiscovered” follows the story of a wrongly discredited archaeologist who hijacks a young woman’s new travel show and convinces her team to follow him as he travels to find the lost civilizations and restore their magic in order to save the world from Ragnarok.

“What’s so unique about this show is how it’s a completely new genre. It’s where we emphasize on the style of documentary travel shows in order to blend reality and fiction together, making magic feel real in this world,” Gordon said. “This is a show that will allow its audience to travel to another world filled with magic, within our own world, using our real world mythology. We get to bring our myths to life, and we are starting with the Norse.”

The proposed pilot takes the Norwegian-born filmmaker into a new direction after writing, directing and producing a number of film dramas and thrillers that include “The Spectator,” “Myra,” “Count.” and others. But taking on a new challenge is not new to Gordon who is known for pushing the creative envelope and taking risks with unique themes and unusual characters.

“As with any project there is a system that dictates how they get made and navigating that system with a new genre that has never been done before will be challenging, as we need to basically create a new path that’s also never been used before. However I believe that there are many folks in the industry dying to make something completely original, and will welcome and work with us to create that path.”

Casting for the pilot is currently underway with production set to begin later this year for an unspecified network.

The series will be produced by Gordon and Ryan Binse (“South of 8”).

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