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Cherie Laurent Takes on Plastic Surgery and Narcissism in the New Single 'Size Queen'

Nov. 9, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Australian music artist Cherie Laurent takes on plastic surgery and narcissism in her new single “Size Queen,” now available.

The single is now available on Apple Music here, as well as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon music and elsewhere.

“I was overwhelmed over images on Instagram and other social media platforms and the effects that social media has on body image which can lead to serious negative consequences,” she said. “People overdo and overuse fillers and body implants which in turn can leave you unnaturally puffed up, so my message in the song is intended to make fun that bigger does not necessarily mean it is better.”

The comedic music video, which is available on YouTube here, features Laurent performing the song in a wig, special effects makeup with face prosthetics to appear as an example of face fillers and plastic surgery gone wrong.

“To me, every female musical artist always tries to look glamorous and pretty. I always have been told I was beautiful and pretty, therefore, I already felt confident and self-assured,” she said. “This time, I wanted to put a smile on people’s faces and make people laugh. I wanted to stand out and dare to be different and I love to express my funny and comical side that I don’t usually show in public.”

“Size Queen,” was written by Laurent and produced by the artist and Peter Bee and features a catchy beat and a decidedly danceable Latin sound. Created in the midst of the pandemic during a lockdown in Australia, the song comes ahead of her next single set for release early next year, titled “Down on Me.” Both new songs will be followed by an upcoming album, which is currently being recorded and is set for release next year. The album will be Laurent’s first after having released a series of popular singles in recent years.

The song is the newest for the artist who went from living in war-torn Baghdad to a modeling and acting career in Australia where she now hosts "Ma Cherie," talk show, available on Roku and Amazon fire TV devices.

For more updates, follow Laurent on YouTube,, Vimeo,; as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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