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Jim Carrey Leaves Twitter After Posting ‘Crazy Old Lighthouse Keeper’ Animated Video

LOS ANGELES – Jim Carrey has joined Twitter’s celebrity exodus Tuesday, offering up his love and an animated video version of his “crazy old lighthouse keeper” painting.

Carrey, who in recent years has focused more on his artwork, collaborated with animator/director (“Dr. Seuss’ Horton Heard a Who!,”) Jimmy Hayward to take Carrey’s latest work of art with music and movement.

“It’s based on my painting of a crazy old Lighthouse Keeper, standing naked in a storm, summoning the angels and shining his lamp to guide us through a treacherous night,” Carrey wrote on Twitter.

Carrey joined a number of other celebrities who have left Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover last month for $44 billion. They were Shonda Rhimes, David Simon, Toni Braxton, Whoopi Goldberg, Gigi Hadid, Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, Alex Winter and more.


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