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Julienne Davis Headlines the Indie Sci-Fi Thriller 'Fear Frequency'

April 11, 2022

LOS ANGELES – Actress Julienne Davis (“Eyes Wide Shut”) headlines the indie science-fiction thriller “Fear Frequency,” now available on Amazon.

“I’m very grateful to see this film arrive on Amazon and give audiences a chance to experience this amazing story,” said Davis who also produces. “I’m especially proud to be a part of this talented team that worked so hard to make this female-centric film a reality.”

Davis joins first-time feature film director Laura Russo (“Road Reps”) in the film written by Russo and Tim Huddleston (“Fallen”). Davis portrays Jackie, a well-known singer and actress who has transformed into Jax, an online conspiracy theorist with a huge following for her video blogs which expose a secret society known as The Parliament. But when a global Internet blackout strikes, Jackie finds herself isolated and without an audience as the line between delusion and reality begins to blur.

The film also stars Jennifer Khoe (“Superman & Lois”), along with Huddleston and Russo, who makes a cameo as next-door neighbor Kristin.

To watch the trailer, click here. To watch the film on Amazon, click here.

The female-driven project where the lead role, the majority cast, director, one of the writers and two of the three producers being female, has already earned the attention of film festival audiences. Davis has earned two Best Actress Awards, including one from the Hallucinea Festival in Paris and the other from Horrors4You Festival in London.

The film has also earned the Best Film Award from the L.A. Sci-Fi & Horror Festival and a Best Thriller nod from the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival. Other honors include an Honorable Mention from the Berlin Indie Film Festival and a Semi-Finalist selection at the Atlanta Renegade Film Festival.

“It was wonderful to see the film and this character in particular resonate with fans,” Davis said of her leading role. “It was a great opportunity to play a strong woman who goes from a place of confidence and strength to one where she slowly starts losing her sanity and must struggle to try to regain herself.”

With a backdrop of technology and science fiction, the film addresses many current social issues like rampant conspiracy theories, online disinformation and how fear, paranoia and isolation, due to a global pandemic can unravel the mind.

“Our film pulls back the curtain on how isolation and online addiction can cause us to lose our sense of self, blurring the line between reality and fiction,” Russo said. “Resulting in an intense and compelling tale that’s as unique and strange as the times we’re living in.”

But having the production take place during a raging pandemic forced the producers to adapt to new production guidelines to ensure safety for cast and crew.

Davis is known for her role as Mandy Curran in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 release “Eyes Wide Shut” and for playing opposite Dennis Hopper in thriller “House of 9.” Her television work also includes series regular in the BBC’s series “Too Much Sun,” As well as numerous guest stars on shows like the UK’s “The Bill” “My Crazy Ex,” “Doctor Who,” “Urban Gothic,” and others.

“Fear Frequency” was produced by Laura Russo, Tim Huddleston and Julienne Davis for RHD Films, with Russo as director.

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