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Sani Baladi Set to Release New Single 'Boomerang'

April 17, 2023

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Sani Baladi is continuing his passion for Latin music as he prepares to release “Boomerang,” a new Reggaeton-inspired single.

“I always loved reggaeton and have been planning to record a single with that flavor for a long time,” said the German-born singer/songwriter. “So when I spoke to some Colombian musician friends recently, I realized this was a great opportunity to do that with them and it was magic from the start. I’m very excited to see this song become a reality.”

The new single, set for release next month, features Baladi at his most energetic as he dives into a heart-pounding rhythmic melody that echoes bouncy reggaeton tunes of the 90s and 2000s with a definitive modern electronic flavor. Baladi’s soulful voice and catchy riff are at the heart of a feel-good tune that aims to remind you of the positive power of music.

“As kids my brother and I spent our summers in Spain and played with locals all the time so from very early on I learned the Spanish language and learned to appreciate Latin music,” Baladi recalled. “It’s catchy and very warm, like the people, so I naturally gravitated to that and I even performed various shows singing songs from Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel and many more, so this song feels very natural to me.”

Fresh from his previous hit single, “Laberinto,” Baladi aims to continue his rise in the music industry with the upcoming single even as he works on composing music for feature films and television shows.

To listen to “Laberinto,” click here.

Meanwhile, Baladi is also working on an upcoming EP featuring an eclectic set of music that features, pop, rock, world music and more, set for release next year. Despite a busy schedule that includes working on films, the talented musician is also planning a tour in the U.S.


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