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The Edge to Sell Some of His Guitars to Benefit New Orleans Musicians Impacted by Hurricane Katrina

LOS ANGELES – The Edge, the guitarist for the Irish rock band U2 says he will offer some of his guitars and other rock memorabilia to the Music Rising charity’s Dec. 11 auction to support New Orleans musicians hit hard by the pandemic.

“Ronnie has donated a beautiful guitar to our auction. So, I was so stoked,” he said, referring to Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood.

Founded by Edge and music producer Bob Ezrin, the charity was started in 2005 after catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina as a way of replacing instruments lost in the flood.

Among the guitars he’s donating to the cause are two of Edge’s guitars that he’s played extensively on tour with U2, include the instrument he calls the “One.”

“It’s a beautiful Les Paul and it’s actually a music rising Les Paul, part of … a limited edition of 300.”

The other guitar is a custom designed Fender Stratocaster used while on tour to perform “Bad” and “Still Haven’t Found I’m Looking For.”


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