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About SoReckless

So let's get this straight. SoReckless is all about the shenanigans otherwise called news that comes out of Hollywood, that non sensical land where appearances make up for lack of talent, imagination and any sort of vision that makes us all stand in wonder. Yes, it had to be said!


So with about 10,000 visitors each day, check us out and see for yourself what the ins and outs of the business truly are and for lack of a better word, what the "biz" is all about, in all it's glory or lack thereof. We'll even toss in a few things about that vast wasteland of vapidity known to you and I as reality television... Yes I think I'm going spew just thinking about it.


Whether it's film, television, online series or even short filmmaking, it's going to be here. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two about the industry and appreciate those who are able to bring their inimitable vision to a screen near you. Whether it's pablum, sheer genius or just ugh, people are watching especially us! I'm out!




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