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Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon's First Wife Dies at 75

LONDON - Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of the late Beatle John Lennon, died today at age 75. Her son, Julian Lennon posted the announcement on his website today."

The announcement read: "Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain, following a short but brave battle with cancer. Her son Julian Lennon was at her bedside throughout."

The late Beatle and Cynthia Lennon were married from 1962 to 1968, at the height of the Beatles' popularity. The couple had met in art school where she studied illustration while John Lennon worked on his painting skills.

Cynthia Lennon was a calming force for the former Beatle whose mother died when he was child and was then raised by his strict aunt Mimi. The couple had one child, Julian, who was born on April 8 1963. In later years, Cynthia Lennon would talk about how she was often left out of media interviews and purposely left in the background or out of photos with Lennon altogether to make it appear as it the Beatle was single.

Cynthia Lennon married three more times after her divorce from John and authored two books about her marriage to the Beatle, "A Twist of Lennon" and "John." She later admitted having had no contact with the surviving members of the band after the divorce from John until meeting them at the Las Vegas premiere of Cirque du Soleil's "The Beatles Love" in 2006.

She described her life as the wife of a Beatle as difficult and enthralling. She described her son Julian as being "scarred by life" in one interview. In the past, Julian Lennon described his disappointments and trauma as a child of not being able to see his father for months or years at a time after the divorce.

In a recent interview with, she said that despite the hardships and challenges of her marriage to John Lennon, that she felt gratified to have experienced it. "God knows where I would've been ended up. I probably would've been a schoolteacher with about three or four children in a boring situation," she told the website.

"I've had the most amazing life, a wonderful life."

Cynthia Lennon is survived by her son Julian. Noel Charles, her fourth husband, died in 2013.

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