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NBC Revives Plans for 'Wizard of Oz'-themed 'Emerald City'

The cast of MGM's 1939 classic, "The Wizard of Oz" (MGM Photo).

LOS ANGELES - NBC plans to bring back "Emerald City," a project inspired by "The Wizard of Oz," which was based upon a novel penned by L. Frank Baum in 1900. The network had passed on the project last year.

The proposed 10-episode drama, which will be executive produced by David Schulner, the creator and executive producer of “Do No Harm." The series follows the story of 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and her police dog who are transported to another world far away after a tornado, which is made up of competing kingdoms, deadly warriors, dark magic and a violent battle for supremacy.

The new series shows Dorothy as a hardened warrior who has the fate of the kingdoms in her hands in a world where wicked witches don't usually stay dead.

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