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Sony Releases Trailer for Woody Allen's 'Irrational Man'

LOS ANGELES - Sony Pictures has released the trailer for Woody Allen's upcoming film "Irrational Man," set for release in July.

The trailer shows Joaquin Phoenix as a college philosophy professor suffering from an existential crisis,who says he can't "remember the reason for living, and when I did, it was for the wrong reasons." Then yhe meets college student played by Emma Stone who tries to bring him out of his funk.

"Irrational Man," which is set to premiere at Cannes International Film Festival later this month, is set for release in the U.S. on July 17.

The film was written and directed by Allen, Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey, Jamie Blackley and Ethan Phillips. His last film was "Magic in the Moonlight" starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone., grossing $11 million in the U.S. anda worldwide gross of $32.3 million.

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