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Harry Shearer, Voice of Many Iconic 'Simpsons,' Characters Quits Show

LOS ANGELES - Harry Shearer, the voice of many iconic characters such as "Mr. Burns," "Principal Skinner," and many others on "The Simpsons," has quit the program after 25 years. He has been a cast member since the beginning.

Showrunner Al Jean confirmed Thursday that Shearer will not be returning to the show despite a $14 million offer over the next two years to remain on teh venerable animated program.

Jean told CNN that there are no plans to kill off the characters Shearer voiced, but instead replace them with other voice actors. Late Thursday, Al Brooks, one of the show's other executive producers appealed publicly to the comedic actor to remain with the show. But Shearer said he would have no further comment on the matter.

In his tweets, Shearer complained that the new contract offered to him did not give him the freedom to pursue other opportunities while remaining a "Simpsons" cast member.

But Jean told CNN that Shearer was offered the same deal as other cast members.

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