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Robert Rodriguez to Adapt 60s Cartoon 'Jonny Quest' to Big Screen

LOS ANGELES - Veteran director/producer Robert Rodriguez ("Sin City") is adapting the 60s Hannah-Barbera children's cartoon series 'Jonny Quest' as a live action feature for Warner Bros.

Producer Terry Rossio, of "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and "The Mask of Zorro" fame is also on board the project, the Hollywood Reporter says.

The original animated series a 1964 ABC primetime cartoon that followed the adventures of Quest, a teenage boy who accompanied his father on dangerous missions around the world. The team included Hadji, a Kolkatan orphan who was also Jonny's best friend; his pet bulldog, Bandit; and secret agent/bodyguard Race Bannon. Jonny was voiced by Tim Matheson ("Animal House") and his father, Benton C. Quest was voiced by actor John Stephenson who died last week.

The series lasted just one season, from Sept. 18, 1964 to March 11, 1965 before it was cancelled due to the high cost of animation. It was among the few shows at the time that was shot in color.

So far there is now word on who would play Jonny or the rest of the cast.

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