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Cameron Crowe Apologizes for Emma Stone's Asian Character in 'Aloha'

LOS ANGELES - Director/screenwriter Cameron Crowe has apologized for casting Emma Stone as the Asian character Allison Ng in his new film "Aloha," in an Internet posting today.

Crowe was responding to the slew of criticism by media and others who complained none of the film's main characters were Asian - especially Stone's character who is described as one-quarter Asian and a quarter Hawaiian.

"Thank you so much for all the impassioned comments regarding the casting of the wonderful Emma Stone in the part of Allison Ng," wrote Crowe on his website, "I have heard your words and your disappointment, and I offer you a heartfelt apology to all who felt this was an odd or misguided casting choice."

Crowe explained that the character was based upon an actual redheaded woman from Hawaii who always seemed compelled to constantly explain her heritage. See the full post by clicking here.

Crowe went on to say: "Whether that story point felt hurtful or humorous has been, of course, the topic of much discussion. However I am so proud that in the same movie, we employed many Asian-American, Native-Hawaiian and Pacific-Islanders, both before and behind the camera… including Dennis “Bumpy” Kanahele, and his village, and many other locals who worked closely in our crew and with our script to help ensure authenticity."

The Media Action Network for Asian Americans, among others, had accused the Columbia Pictures film of attempting to present a "whitewash" version of Hawaii. In its press release, organization head and co-founder Guy Aoki said "Caucasians only make up 30 percent of the population [of Hawaii], but from watching this film, you’d think they made up 99 percent."

"Aloha" opened in theaters last Friday, starring Bradley Cooper as a defense contractor in Hawaii who falls for an Air Force pilot (Stone).

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