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Movie Review: 'The Walkaround' Brings the Funny to Auto Shows

Jonathan Bray in the new mockumentary "The Walkaround" (Vineland Productions).

LOS ANGELES - Actor-turned first-time filmmaker Jonathan Bray takes dead aim at the auto show circuit and scores the big laughs with his new low-budget mockumentary "The Walkaround."

Known for his recent role in the season premiere of "Mad Men," and his work on TNT's "Perception," Showtime's "House of Lies" and others, Bray takes a shot at the auto show circuit with its budding actors who present the new vehicle models to audiences while trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Using a talented cast of unknowns, Bray wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film, portraying the problematic Johnathon Johnson who hopes to make his auto show work a stepping stone to Hollywood stardom. His obsessive/compulsive persona fits right in with his wacky co-horts who find themselves led by the not-all-there Johnathon.

Finding himself a young protege of sorts in the naive Jason (Jason Jarchow) who is a new auto show narrator (as they are called in the business). Johnathon is at his neurotic best as he presents his regimented if not downright insane method for auto show narrating success.

Wayne Johnson, who portrays Wayne Johnson, a desperate veteran actor turned auto show narrator, also brings home the laughs as he badgers and pesters anyone that he perceives as being in the movie industry. Despite the stark look of the film, shot while Bray himself worked at auto shows around the country, "The Walkaround" is a breath of fresh air for a genre that is sadly underrepresented these days.

“The Walkaround” is produced by Jonathan Bray for Vineland Productions, with Executive Producer Steve Hauck and Associate Producers David Avallone and Matt Miller.

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