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Despite Rumors, Lucy Lawless Denies 'Xena' Reboot is in the Works

LOS ANGELES - Lucy Lawless, star of the 90s hit adventure series "Xena: Warrior Princess," is today denying a "Xena" reboot is in the works despite wide reports that NBC is moving forward with a new version of the show.

"Sorry, friends! news of a #Xena reboot is just a rumor. I'd love it to happen one day but it's still in the wishful thinking stage," she tweeted today.

Sources reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that NBC and NBC Universal International were preparing for a reboot of the popular Lucy Lawless vehicle. The drama was said to be in the very early stages of development and that producers were in search of writers for the project. Original executive producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi are also said to be involved in the project,

The show, which ran in syndication from 1995 to 2001, told the story of Xena, a mighty Warrior Princess with a dark past, sets out to redeem herself. She is joined by small town bard, Gabrielle. Together they journey the ancient world and fight for the greater good against ruthless Warlords and Gods

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