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Amy Schumer Responds to Open Letter From Daughter of Sandy Hook Survivor

LOS ANGELES - Amy Schumer is responding to an open letter from a Sandy Hook survivor's daughter who called on the actress to "be a voice for our generation and for women" against gun violence.

Schumer's response comes after the July 24 shooting in a movie theater where 59-year-old John Russell Houser pulled out a gun and began shooting in a crowded movie theater showing the comedy film "Trainwreck" starring Schumer. Houser shot and killed two people and wounded nine others before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide after police arrived.

Schumer tweeted a response to an open letter by Sarah Clements who described herself as "Daughter of Sandy Hook survivor, student activist for safer communities, gun violence prevention advocate" article.

Schumer tweeted on Saturday: "Her name was Mayci, not Marci and I think about her and Jillian everyday. Don't worry I'm on it. You'll see."

Schumer was referring to Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson who were killed in the theater shooting before gunman John Russell Houser turned the gun on himself before authorities could arrive.

The open letter, titled "An Open Letter to Amy Schumer," focuses on the proliferation of gun violence in America and the impact of women's voices "to lead the gun violence prevention movement," saying that they are "winning."

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