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Pic of the Week: Yvonne Craig & Adam West

Yvonne Craig, playing Batgirl, poses with Adam West (Batman) during a break from filming the 60s TV series "Batman" (ABC Photo).

LOS ANGELES - With this week's passing of original Batgirl Yvonne Craig, we found an amazing throwback pic of Yvonne on set in 1967 with Adam West, the original Batman from the iconic 1966-68 television series.

Although she appeared on the show for just one season as Barbara Gordon who would turn into Batgirl, Craig became a huge hit with fans and teenage boys. Yvonne Craig has said that during the show, she briefly had a stunt double, but did most of her stunts herself. She actually operated the Batgirl Cycle herself as well since she owned a motorcycle herself.

Actress Mary Ann Mobley was originally slated to play Batgirl, but the role eventually went to Craig. The last time she wore the Batgirl costume on camera was a 1974 public service announcement supporting equal pay for women in the workplace. The spot also featured Burt Ward, reprising his role as Robin and Richard Gautier appearing as Batman.

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