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CBS Plans to Reboot 80s Spy Spoof 'MacGyver'

Richard Dean Anderson starred in the ABC series MacGyver, now set for a reboot aat CBS (Photo by ABC).

LOS ANGELES - CBS is planning to reboot 90s action adventure spy spoof "MacGyver," according to Variety.

The network is reportedly working with “NCIS: Los Angeles” executive producer R. Scott Gemmill and director James Wan, who is known for directing “Saw” and “Furious 7.” Gemmill and Wan are set to executive produce with Henry Winkler, who served as producer of the original series, and Michael Clear for CBS TV Studios.

The rebooted version would feature MacGyver in his early days, as a new recruit to a clandestine organization where he uses his skills at save the day. The reboot is reportedly a big priority for the network. Gemmill will remain as executive producer on “NCIS: Los Angeles." The original Paramount TV series starred Richard Dean Anderson as a covert operative known for his unique abilities to make innovative devices out of common products in order to save himself and others. The show originally ran from 1985-92 on ABC and has remained a cult favorite.

"MacGyver" joins a number of other reboots already in the works at the major networks. Fox is preparing "Behind Enemy Lines"; CBS is readying "Training Day;" The CW is gearing up for "The Notebook" and "Friday the 13th"; and 20th Century Fox Television is shopping a reworked version of "The A-Team," while Norman Lear is redoing "One Day at a Time," despite the fact no network is yet attached. Moreover, Fox has plans for new versions of "The X-Files" and "Prison Break" after rebooting "24" earlier this year.

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