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Pic of the Week: Candice Swanepoel

Victoria's Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel has a knack for taking great pics - heck she's a supermodel right? Anyway, her selfie on Instagram earlier this week is enough to make us all jealous or crazy in love with her or both!

Yes, she's all that and a bag of chips! The 27-year-old South African native is truly rockin' it with her amazing flowing hair, killer mascara and eyeshadow in this newest pic. The sexy blonde, who's been modeling since she was 15, is not just a looker but a force to contend with given her ability to speak several languages, create a brand that is now manufacturing jeans, a fragrance and a number of other things I don't want to bother with.

Suffice to say she's hot and you should look at her picture then go back to watching Bravo for a sec and see if there's anything else on.

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