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'Zootopia' Tops the Weekend Box Office for Second Straight Week

"Zootopia" took the top slot in this weekend's box office race, reaching $142.61 million since it opened last week (Photo by Disney Pictures Animation).

LOS ANGELES - "Zootopia" topped the weekend box office for a second straight week as it flew toward the $150 million mark with $50.0 million weekend.

The Disney-animated film continued its domination from last week's $75.63 million weekend tally, reaching $142.61 million. Second place went to Paramount's "10 Cloverfield Lane" sci-fi thriller which earned $25.20 million on its opening weekend.

"Deadpool," which may still overtake the $350 million domestic total from "American Sniper" to become second highest grossing rated-R movie of all time, dropped to third place this weekend to the "Cloverfield" sequel of sorts. The sequel opened well short of expectations by taking less than is predecessor, Cloverfield which took in $40 million on its 2008 opening weekend.

"London Has Fallen" was fourth with $10.67 million for a two-week total of $38.85 million, followed by the Paramount comedy starring Tina Fey, "Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot," which took in $4.60 million for a two-week total of $14.57 million.

The rest of the top ten stacked up this way:

6. "The Pefect Match" (Lionsgate) $4.15 million on its opening weekend

7. "The Young Messiah" (Focus Films) $3.40 million on its opening weekend

8. "The Brothers Grimsby" (Sony) $3.15 million on its opening weekend

9. "Gods of Egypt" (Lionsgate/Summit) $2.5 million for a three-week total of $37.41 million

10. "Risen" (Sony) $2.25 million for a four-week total of $32.39 million

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