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'Teen Wolf' Actress Tonantzin Carmelo Appears in Music Video Parodying Trump

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Talented actress Tonantzin Carmelo is joining forces with Los Angeles-based indie-pop band Noodle Muffin for its new video “Morning in America,” which pokes fun at Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

“I was attracted to the concept and approach of ‘Morning In America.’ Humor and irony can be powerfully amusing. I jumped at the chance to work with Noodle Muffin on their satirical anti-racism message,” Carmelo said. “I loved the project from the very beginning and I am ecstatic to see it come to fruition and take a funny look at one of the most controversial presidential candidates ever!”

To see the video, visit

Written by Noodle Muffin and Carmelo, the song and video provide a dark but comical look at a candidate that wants to go back to the 1950s, when minorities were routinely discriminated against and jailed if they spoke out in protest.

“Noodle Muffin has veered away from political songs since our 2008 CD ‘Long Live the Spin.’ But this election has been CRAZY. The rhetoric of hate from Trump and his supporters was our call to action,” lead singer Gregory Sias said. “The melody popped into my head the morning after watching the particularly dark acceptance speech by Trump at the Republican National Convention. In that speech he painted a dark, hopeless dystopian picture of America that left me speechless. I wanted to write a peppy, happy song with dark lyrics reflecting Trump's rhetoric and heralding back to Reagan’s morning in America speech, and so Morning in America was born.”

The video features Carmelo wearing a giant bulbous cartoon head, along with clips from Trump speeches and rallies as well as from vintage films, television shows and newsreels that juxtapose the reality of life in America during the 40s, 50s and 60s compared to the idyllic life portrayed on television and films of those eras.

Joining Noodle Muffin for this special project was easy for Carmelo, who is herself an accomplished singer and recording artist.

“I was approached about this project after hanging with the band in Downtown L.A. I completely agreed with the message and I really loved the tune from the very beginning so I collaborated on the lyrics and helped shape them with Gregory, (bassist) Kyle Betterton and (guitarist) Daniel Sias. So they asked me to do backup vocals and it turned out great!” she said.

Carmelo, a SAG Award-nominated actress was seen recently in the recurring role as Black Knight in MTV’s supernatural drama “Teen Wolf,” and on the Syfy zombie series “Z Nation.” Her vocal work can be heard in the 20th Century Fox release “The Revenant,” and “Lego Marvel Avengers.” Carmelo’s upcoming films include “Medicine Men,” among others.

Founded in 1999, Noodle Muffin is known for its catchy melodies, eclectic sound, humorous lyrics, that provide commentary on the impact of Mass Media on American society. It is a college radio favorite and has previously released six full-length CDs: "Karmic Bitchslap”,”Time to Retox,” “Teaspoons of Sin,” “Magnum Dopus,” “Regime Change,” and “Long Live The Spin.” Both “Magnum Dopus” and “Teaspoons of Sin” contains several songs produced by renowned Indie producer Kramer (formerly of The Butthole Surfers & Bongwater). Noodle Muffin’s CDs have been featured on several popular radio stations and shows, most notably on “The Howard Stern Show,” “Negativland's Over the Edge Show,” “The Dr. Demento Show,” Pacifica Radio, and KROQ 106.7 Los Angeles.

Noodle Muffin's new single “Morning in America” is now available on iTunes and They are online at

For more, visit Tonantzin Carmelo at or follow her on Instagram at

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