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We Say Good Bye to Lots of TV Shows in 2017

Tatiana Maslany in "Orphan Black," which is set to make this season it's last on BBC America (Photo by BBC America).

LOS ANGELES - We are bumming. Too many TV shows are ending in 2017 and we're forced to say buh-bye to many of our favorite characters. It seems like there hasn't been a bloodbath like this in a while, but here it is. So before we get out the hankies, here's the list of those we know are calling it a day after many a successful season. From a cute boy who turns into a wolf to a cute redhead who has a hearing problem, they're going for good this year so enjoy them while you can! Here's our list great shows that are going off into the sunset in no particular order: Teen Wolf Season six will be it for the Tyler Posey starrer, which is sad since despite a lot of silly plots the last couple of years, we were hoping for a great comeback this year and next but it was not to be. The Vampire Diaries

These hot vampires will wrapping things up after eight seasons. Nina Dobrev is returning for the series finale which could throw a monkey wrench on the current storyline.


HBO's controversial series is done after six seasons and none too soon, I'm sorry to say. It's been running out of gas for a while. Hopefully we'll see some happy endings.

Pretty Little Liars

Freeform is closing out Pretty Little Liars, but all is pointing to the final unmasking of Uber A before it's all over! Here's to one glorious final season!

Switched at Birth

Freeform is also giving the boot to Switched at Birth and our heroes Bay and deaf teen Daphne. We're getting a hour and a half-long finale so we hope it will be everything we'd like it to be!

Bates Motel

A&E is checking out of Bates Motel for good after season 5 in this uneven prequel to the Psycho film made famous Alfred Hitchcock. Rihanna will be appearing as the iconic Marion Crane.


NBC's Grimm is bowing out after a short sixth season. The horror fantasy had been struggling the last few years so no surprise there.


After six seasons on Comedy Central, it's over for this silly comedy that was so bad that it was good. Go figure, but yes, it was time.


Matt Leblanc's Showtime series is over. I know, I though it was over last year since the show took 2016 off - I wish I could've done that! But yes, it's back for one final season.

The Strain

This FX series was getting pretty gross in between bad plot lines, so it had to go. Sorry Strain fans. It's over and none too soon!


Fox's funny but odd procedural drama had been treading water in recent years and after 12 seasons it's done. But it was fun! Orphan Black BBC America's critically acclaimed sci fi drama featuring Tatiana Maslany portraying a slew of clones is ending after its fifth season. With many of the clones left in a bad place last season, we hope we'll see some happy endings before it's all over.

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