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An Alt Right Muppet Is Introduced - on Funny or Die

Alt-right muppet Stan, created by the folks at Funny or Die (Photo by Funny or Die).

LOS ANGELES - A cranky new muppet is making the scene these days, but it's not on Sesame Street. It's Stan, the alt-right muppet, introduced by Funny or Die last week.

With a hairdo and moustache reminiscent of Hitler, the crabby alt-right extremist has a lot in common with the real life alt-right types with his attacks on the mainstream media on the Internet. According to The Wrap, Stan was created as a “means of introducing children to the alt-right movement at a young age and to let them decide how terrifying it really is.”

Stan’s reportedly ran away from his “liberal snowflake” parents and was attracted to Sesame Street because its initials are SS, much like Hitler’s paramilitary force during World War II. In Big Bird’s first meeting with him he was asked what his “Lock Her Up!” T-shirt means, only to answer, “Where are the emails?”

On its website, Funny or Die says: “The arc of his first episode features Stan attempting to illustrate to Elmo how Barack Obama is not only a reptilian alien posing as a human, but also a reptilian alien born in Kenya."

But in actuality, there is no first episode, so that's the joke!

For more visit Funny or Die or click here.

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