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Actress/Choreographer Christy Buss Shares a Message of Wellness on New Show

Christy Buss, known for her work on "Days of Our Lives," shows her Los Angeles Lakers championship rings (Johnny Buss photo).

LOS ANGELES - Actress/choreographer Christy Buss is known for her choreography for such performers as LeAnn Rimes, figure skating champion Ibuki Mori and many others is today sharing her expertise in performing with a message of wellness and empowerment in her new online show "All About Christy."

With a dancing background that goes back to her youth as an elite ballet dancer, then as a member of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders as well as an actress on "Days of Our Lives," "Passions" and others, Buss offers viewers tips on beauty, health and wellness as well as advice on business, family and more. With celebrity and expert guests on hand, the show aims to provide a fresh approach to wellness with positivity and empowering message for women and men.

As former daughter-in-law of late Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss and his remarkable legacy of success, Buss shares some of the lessons she learned over the years from the man himself and others on "All About Christy."

"I was excited to start my show to give insight on so many subjects because of the great experiences that I was blessed to be a part of not only from the opportunities that I've gotten but with my relationship with the Buss family," she said. "My message is different for each video I put out weekly - it could be how to get into dance, it could be about having confidence in life for all the dreams each one of us wish to pursue. I'm doing an interview with one of my students who will be participating in the Winter Olympics, then another show on how to save money and more. So many fun and interesting insights on many topics."

Drawing on her experiences from coming to Los Angeles as a young actress and touring the world with Bob Hope and his USO tour, to establishing the iconic dance academy the Studio Art of Dance, Buss shares her stories and lessons she learned from her friends and mentors to encourage and empower women.

"I learned so much from Bob Hope ! Such an inspiration to have him on a C140 and travel around the world for our troops. I was chosen to do a skit with him and he taught me so much about timing and being yourself. He was wonderful,' she recalled.

"Besides [ex-husband] Johnny Buss, he was the most amazing man I have ever met. the kindest gentle respectful – he loved the arts and loved all I did with it – and most giving awesome man. I miss him terribly."

Today, Buss is working on a new autobiographical book to be published next year while continuing her to work on her new series her choreography and other interests.

"All About Christy" airs on YouTube with new episodes airing every Wednesday. Click here for the newest episode.

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