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HBO Appears Ready to Bring Back ‘Deadwood’ as a Feature Film

Ian McShane portraying Al Swearngen in the HBO Western series "Deadwood" (Photo by HBO).

LOS ANGELES – HBO is reportedly ready to bring back its gritty Western “Deadwood” as a feature film, sources say.

Actor Ian McShane, whose role as a foul-mouthed Al Swearngen became iconic during the 2004-06 run of the David Milch series, told reporters that a script of a two-hour reunion film has been sent to HBO for consideration.

A “Deadwood” revival movie might finally happen. For a couple of years now, fans of David Milch’s Western show have kept their hopes up that HBO would turn the series into a full blown film, the same way the network with the 2015 “Entourage” movie. Now, actor Ian McShane, who played Al Swearengen in the show, has revealed that a script for the reunion film has already been handed to HBO.

It was just last January that HBO confirmed to TVLine that Milch was writing a script for a feature-length film. But today, it’s unclear whether the project has been green lit.

The series told the stories of the denizens of Deadwood, a lawless mining town that was not part of any U.S. state or territory in the post-Civil War years.

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