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Guitarist Rob Reischak to Join Glennellen Anderson at the Whisky a Go Go on June 1

Brazilian-born guitarist Rob Reischak is set to perform with actress/singer Glennellen Anderson ("Stranger Things") at the Whisky a Go Go on June 1 (Publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Rob Reischak may not be a household word in the music world, but it carries a lot of weight among fans of the jazz band Vaud and the Villains. The young guitarist, who is an integral part of the 19-piece band, is set to perform with actress/singer Glennellen Anderson (“Stranger Things”) on June 1 at the Whisky a Go Go, 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

“I am very excited to perform at a great club like the Whisky,” Reischak said. “It’s such an iconic venue! A truly honor to perform on the same stage that so many legendary musicians like The Doors, The Byrds, Frank Zappa and so many others have performed.”

Reischak will perform cover songs along with compositions written by Anderson who is known for her recurring role in the Netflix horror drama “Stranger Things.”

Glennellen Anderson (Beach Chic Photography).

“Glennellen is very talented artist with a great feel for her music and a gift for putting together strong lyrics with powerful melodies,” he said.

For Anderson, the Whisky a Go Go performance will be a showcase of complimentary talents: “I first met Rob when singing for one of my best friends’ show. The rehearsals alone proved his dedicated work ethic as well as his ridiculous musical talents,” Anderson said. “I don’t believe in limits. Period. I like to mix all the genres to create my own style. Some pop, some rock and roll, a little jazz, and little soul, and little R&B. Even some opera and musical theatre training + style gets throw into my music. I classify myself as ‘alternative,’ because it’s the most all-encompassing genre.”

The talented guitarist has been the focus of much attention since the joining the group last year. His unique melodic stylings that blend, pop, rock, jazz and rhythm and blues has earned the band legions of new fans along with accolades and acclaim for the Brazilian-born guitarist.

But it wasn’t always that way. Born in Porto Alegre, in Brazil’s Southern region, Rob took up the guitar at age 14 after he saw his friends take guitar lessons. His passion for the instrument only grew from then on as he took up electric guitar and learned from talented teachers and on his own by listening to music and watching his favorite bands perform.

But as he entered college to study a mechanical engineering while continuing to play local clubs, he realized his future in music lay in America and not in his native land. So he saved his money from performing and from his full time job and was soon off to Los Angeles where he enrolled in Hollywood’s acclaimed Musicians Institute.

“Since I started playing the guitar I had this dream of studying music in the US. The music and musicians that I used to listen to and to study from were all from here. I wanted to go to the place where that music was happening,” he said.

After graduating with honors from the Musicians Institute, Reischak found himself performing on other bands’ records and live shows, gaining a reputation for creative riffs and solos and solid musicianship as well as the ability to go from one genre to another with ease. His talents soon took him to Vaud and the Villains where he has flourished and helped give the jazz band a more modern sound.

“My background I would say is rock music. But I listen to jazz since I was young. My favorite band is Toto,” he said. “I like a variety of music styles actually. From rock to jazz, blues, pop, funk, folk and country music. As a session musician is important for me to be able to play all kinds of style, and to be a versatile player.”

Among the musicians he’s recorded with in the studio and performed with are the singer/songwriter Alexandria Corn, the keyboardist Henry Soleh Brewer (Earth, Wind & Fire), and the producer Albert Lim, to name a few. He’s also set to record the next Vaud and the Villains’ album this year.

Even as he prepares to kick off a summer tour by Vaud and the Villains, next month, Reischak is already planning his first solo album featuring a slew of songs he has composed over the years.

“I’m planning to start recording at the end of this year and to be released by spring of 2018. It’s going to be my debut album and I’m really excited about it,” he said. “I’ve been collecting music ideas and thoughts over the years and now I’m putting all together. I have this song called ‘Sunsets’ which I wrote here in LA in 2015 that has a great melody and I think people will like it. I’m really looking forward to recording this album and to show my music to the public.”

For more, visit or follow him on Instagram at Vaud and the Villains are online at

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