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Hip Hop Child Prodigy Els Debuts Her First Singles

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Hip hop and pop music prodigy Els is joining forces with hip hop stars Silento and Zay Hilfigerrr in her new singles “Slide” and What Els,” now available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere.

The 9-year-old Indonesian singing sensation is making her mark in America with her two new releases that blend hip hop and pop music into uniquely crafted music that accentuate Els’ vocal range and talents.

“I am very excited to have ‘Slide’ and ‘What Els’ releasing in the United States and giving music fans the opportunity to listen to my music for the first time,” she said. “Working with Silento and Zay Hilfigerrr on these songs is truly a dream come true. They are amazing musicians who brought their special magic to each track!”

Els, who was born Elisakh Hagia in Jakarta, Indonesia, is today making her recording industry debut with her two new singles after years of honing her skill as a singer before audiences in her native land. Els gained a love for music at an early age when her mother used it to help the toddler learn how to talk. By age 4, her passion for hip hop music was evident as she exhibited a skill for singing and dancing before going on to perform for audiences in her hometown and other neighboring communities.

Her love for hip hop led her to write to her idol, noted rapper Silento about the possibility of working together. Known for the hit single “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” which has more than a billion views on YouTube, Silento soon agreed to collaborate with the young ingénue on a new song which ultimately became the single “Slide.”

“‘Slide’ was inspired by all the bad news I was hearing in the media and all the negativity on social media,” Els said. “I don’t people should hate each other. I wish we could spread a happy virus to one another so everyone would feel better. But I hope everyone will listen to ‘Slide’ let all that negativity wash away and get back to feeling happy.”

The second single, “What Els,” came about after notable Zay Hilfigerrr saw Els performing on stage and offered to collaborate on her next project. The two got together and crafted the single that is already poised to become a bonafide hit for the young performer. Hip hop trap, with a world pop feel.

“A lot of people at first laughed at my dreams. A little girl into hip hop sounds crazy, but I said why not? I sing because I love to sing and I love hip hop,” she said. “I do this because I really love it. It’s not because of the fame or money. So don’t let anyone underestimate you just because you’re a kid who has a weird or impossible dream. Prove them wrong!”

The child prodigy’s talent is already getting noticed by recording industry professionals: “I'm blown away by this girl Els (Elisakh Hagia), what a voice radio Disney would love her.She has an Extraordinary voice of a big star,” said Russ Regan Founder and Former President of Universal Music Group and president of 20th Century and Polygram Records who discovered Elton John,Neil Diamond, Barry White, Olivia Newton-John and The Beach Boys and many others.

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