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Salme Geransar Finds her Niche Indie Comedy 'Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town'

Salme Geransar plays a quirky Gypsy in the new indie comedy "Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town" (Photo by Erica Fortes).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – At 5’7, Salme Geransar stands tall among her castmates in the new indie comedy “Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town.” But more importantly, the young Australian actress is finding her niche in the new comedy premiering at the L.A. International Film Festival this month.

“I play a very bizarre gypsy in the film”, she said. “I had so much fun playing around with the character on set. I love doing comedy and portraying unusual characters."

“Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town,” tells the story of a woman (Mackenzie Davis) at rock bottom who must find her way across Los Angeles in order to crash her ex-boyfriend's engagement party. Headlining the L.A. Film Festival this month in both the L.A. Times and Variety, the film also stars Carrie Coon (“The Leftovers”) and Lakeith Stanfield (“Get Out”) and is considered the hottest ticket at the festival; selling out in just five minutes.

Having portrayed mainly dramatic roles in the past, the role of the gypsy was a nice change for Geransar. “That is the strangest character I’ve ever played. I loved that I was able to play around with an accent and have fun with this role,” she said.

Working with director Christian Papierniak and Mackenzie Davis (“The Martian”) who produced the film together, the role is the newest step for the actress who is making a name for herself after working on Australian TV shows such as “Winners & Losers,” and “Rush.”

After moving to Australia from Iran with her family as a young child, Geransar grew up in a small town near Sydney. Compelled to follow an academic path, she studied Biotechnology at the University of Newcastle. But when she saw an ad for movie extras, she was drawn to the world of acting. Among her American credits are the pilot “The Picture”, the drama “Before you Can Blink,” and most recently earned best supporting actress for the 2016 comedy “The Short Short” at the Toscars Awards which parody the Academy Awards Oscars ceremony. The short has since been garnering recognition in film festivals; with its most recent screenings at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival, and the Laugh or Die Comedy Fest this year.

For more, visit and @salmegeransar on Instagram.

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