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Shanna Moakler and Daughter Atiana De La Hoya Star in 'Growing Up Supermodel'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Actress Shanna Moakler and her daughter Atiana De La Hoya are coming to television to join five other parent/child tandems in Lifetime’s new television series “Growing Up Supermodel.” The series is set to premiere at 10 p.m. on Aug. 15.

“This is an amazing show with some really great people,” Moakler said. “I am very excited to work with my daughter Atiana and see her take on this challenge with such confidence. But I am also especially proud to be a part of a show that focuses on young people and their potential to achieve. It’s very exciting!”

Atiana, who is 18 and is also the daughter of former champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya, will share with viewers her life as an up-and-coming model and actress.

“I love having my mom on the show, helping me learn the business and giving me advice,” she said. “But we’re really very different. She’s more of a girly girl pageant queen and I’m more of a tomboy who is more at home in baggy pants and a hoodie. She hates that, but in reality she’s a great mom who is always there for me.”

“Growing Up Supermodel” follows the drama of making it in the modeling world for seven famous celebrity kids: Atiana, Cambrie and Faith Schroder (daughters of actor Ricky Schroder), Arissa Le Brock (daughter of supermodel/actress Kelly Le Brock and actor Steven Seagal), Cairo Peele (daughter of supermodel Beverly Peele), Jake Moritt (son of actress Krista Allen) and Janis Ostojic (son of model JD Ostojic).

Having last worked together in MTV’s “Meet the Barkers,” in 2006, Moakler and daughter Atiana are relishing the experience as they meet other parent-child tandems who have also seen life in front of the proverbial media spotlight.

“It’s good to work with other people that had to live their lives in the public eye with their children and face those same pressures,” Moakler said.

It was just last year that she had to confront an online bully who along with his followers, had targeted her 11-year-old daughter Alabama. The incident caused a stir and helped Moakler raise awareness about cyberbullying and ways to combat it.

Having begun modeling at age 15, former Playboy Playmate and reality star, Moakler first came to public attention as the winner of the Miss New York USA beauty pageant in 1995 before being crowned Miss USA that same year. Moakler has continued her work with Miss USA by serving as executive producer of the Miss Nevada USA state pageant.

Besides her work in pageants and entertainment, the Rhode Island native is also a successful businesswoman with her popular line of beauty products, Smoak Cosmetics, available at

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