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Nick McLoughlin Stars in 'Stephen Corwin: A Rockumentary'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Actor Nick McLoughlin (“Kingdom”) stars in the newly-released comedy “Stephen Corwin: A Rockumentary.”

“The film was something right up my alley, Charles McCarthy the director approached me after having seen my work with one of his fellow filmmakers’ endeavors ‘Two Dudes in Heat’ and thought I’d be a great fit,” McLoughlin said. “It didn’t take much of an explanation from him before I was hooked. The idea was to improvise the entire film around various plot points we discussed prior and during the shoot.”

“Stephen Corwin: A Rockumentary” features McLoughlin portraying Stephen Corwin, a lovable passionate and slightly dim-witted nature lover with the ambition that throws back to the glory days of Steve Irwin, of TV’s “Crocodile Hunter.”

The satirical film features Corwin discussing and involving himself in a variety of unusual and sometimes ridiculous scenarios.

“In preparation for the role I watched a couple of my all-time favorite episodes of the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and had a prance or two around the living room to get into character,” McLoughlin said. “But most of the work was done with the help of the very skilled cinematographer, Alex Gilbert, who managed to weave the story together brilliantly in post-production. We gathered so much footage that he had a lot to work with, but in the end, he chose all the best sequences and told the story seamlessly.”

McLoughlin comes to the series after completing leading roles in the drama “Comfort” directed by two-time Academy Award nominee, Stephane Ceretti, as well as in the upcoming thriller “WTF” from director Peter Herro (“O Come All Ye Faithful”),

Born in New Zealand, McLoughlin was a student of Nelson College where he became an established rugby player even as he earned top drama honors for his work. He would ultimately move to the United States and attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which is recognized for its distinguished alumni such as Robert Redford, Paul Rudd, Grace Kelly and others.

McLoughlin would go on to perform leading roles in comedic hits such as the web series “The S(eries)” and the films “Hello I’m Famous” and “Pigeonholed.” He would also earn accolades for his leading performance in the play “The One with Friends” A play designed to destigmatize depression through the use of art, which was staged in Los Angeles and New York before sold out crowds.

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