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YouTube Drops Logan Paul After Controversial Video

LOS ANGELES - YouTube has dropped Internet star Logan Paul from its advertising ranks and has suspended production of a YouTube film that he was set to appear in.

The action came amid a flurry of criticism of Paul after posting a video that seemed to show a dead body that was hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest known for suicides committed there. Paul later took the video down and apologized, saying he had made a “misguided” decision.

The action came a week after the controversial video surfaced on YouTube, which is owned by Google. The company also faced backlash for its slow response to the incident. The issue is gained much attention as the online service continues to replace television as the main source of entertainment for young viewers.

As a result of the action, Paul was dropped from Google Preferred, which allows content creators access to guaranteed revenue from top advertisers. Moreover, YouTube has said it was delaying any projects involving Paul, including a proposed sequel to the YouTube movie “The Thinning.”

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