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Scott Baio Denies Sexual Assault Allegations by Nicole Eggert

LOS ANGELES – Scott Baio has denied allegations by his former “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert that he molested her when she was a minor.

Baio took to Twitter to bash the allegations that he had molested her when she was “14, 15, 16 and 17,” Eggert had accused Baio of “fingering” her when she was 14 at a garage at his house. Baio also appeared on Facebook Live saying “My reputation is being damaged, my family is being put through this and I’m done.”

Baio refuted claims he had sex with her as a minor, saying instead that in 1990 he had sexual relations with Eggert who at the time would have been 18. “I remember her call me and asking to come over, and coming in my house ONE time and seducing me. Now, any normal, heterosexual, red-blooded, American guy, the outcome would’ve been the same,” Baio said. “She seduced me. She came in the house and started kissing me.”

Baio said he was in his mid to late 20s when he began working with Eggert on “Charles in Charge” and had not acted inappropriately with her at any time. He said that she began rumors in 2012 that they had sex when she was a minor, and that she repeated the rumors months later when she “was promoting three reality shows.”

When she repeated the allegations in 2017, Baio said, his attorneys told her that if she had a claim she should go to the police but that she did not.

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