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Josefin Nilsson Joins Upcoming Film 'Girl Games'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Swedish actress Josefin Nilsson is on board the upcoming Sean Patrick Cannon film “Girl Games.” The film, written and directed by Cannon (“American High School”), tells the story of a beloved Hollywood star who gets blacklisted while the women in his life now stand in the way of his quest toward redemption. The film is being co-produced by Solomon Productions.

“I will be playing the leading role of Diana Moore, the love interest to Nick Shakoor (‘Hawaii Five-O’, ‘State of Affairs). It is the type of character that I usually go out for, but the role will challenge me to dig deep into all of Diana´s different layers. She might not be the person people think when they first meet her.”

Nilsson is known for her featured roles in major music videos such as ”Perfect Pint”- Kendrick Lamar, ”Grass ain’t Greener”- Chris Brown and ”Tone it Down”- Gucci Mane, is also known for her leading role in the Netflix hit series “Corrupt Crimes” starring Cornell Womack of the Oscar-Nominated Film “Revenge of The Fallen."

The acclaimed actress is also set to star in “7 Days as a Kingpin”, from writer/director Paul Bunch (“Hit and Run”) starring Award Winning Daveigh Chase (“Big Love”), as well as the upcoming psychological thriller “Christmas Eve”, starring Elizabeth Gillies (“Victorious”), which will go into pre-production next year.

Before coming to Hollywood several years ago, Nilsson was recognized in Sweden for her numerous critical roles in high profile productions. “My mom took me to my first audition in the capital city of Sweden. I think I was 9 years old at the time,” she recalled. “I was actually brought in for a part with my sister because they were looking for two real sisters, but I remember that we were really nervous and really bad”, Nilsson says laughing. “But a year later I had better luck when I got cast in the family romance film ‘Eve & Adam: Four Birthdays & a Fiasco”, directed by two-time Guldbagge Award winner Catti Edfeldt. That movie led Nilsson to several other projects such as the International Emmy Award nominated series Laura Trenter- Fire! aka Det Brinner, and the dramatic thriller series "Medicinmannen."

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