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India's Sonali Sundararaj Launches Company to Create Female-Driven Films

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Acclaimed India-born Filmmaker Sonali Sundararaj is launching her new production house, Infinite Thoughts Productions focusing on female-centric stories and other films with a strong message.

“I would love to shoot movies that aren’t restricted to boundaries, with a message and the power to influence,” Sundararaj said. “Moving to a different country was such an interesting experience and I would love to show some of those stories in my movies.”

Infinite Thoughts Productions aims to attract talented female writers, producers and other talented artists with a vision and ability to help tell great stories with a positive message that will inspire and encourage audiences to persevere and overcome challenges in pursuit of their dreams. Already, the company is set to begin production on the short film “Music Therapy,” which tells the story of Lonely, isolated and homesick for her country Russia, Anna comes across a group of expatriates who use music to express their frustrations.

“There is so much happening in the world right now that’s caused by racism and hatred for people from other countries,” she said. “I’d love to make films that show what we have in common while the world looks at how we are different.”

Known for her work in such films as “Divulgence,” “Greasy Monkey,” the acclaimed YouTube series “Sigma,” Sundararaj brings a wealth of experience that dates back to a variety of films and television series in her native India.

Having grown up in Chennai, India, Sundararaj had a fascination for films and track and field where she excelled as a sprinter. Thanks to her competitive nature and drive to succeed, ultimately earned a degree in Computer Science at Women’s Christian College in Chennai before going on to earn a Masters in Communications so she could seek out a career in film and television upon graduation.

Today, Sundararaj aims to build a company from her own creative vision that is firmly entrenched in her Indian roots and the reality of Hollywood.

“Working in India has helped me make an easy transition into Hollywood. Having worked 16-17 hour days seven days a week sometimes, makes 10-to-12 hour days seem like nothing,” she said. “As a woman, I’m very optimistic about the future. Women have always had to face a lot challenges in the industry but time’s up! Thanks to some upstanding men and women standing up for change, there is a shift in the industry now and as we come together to fight for our rights.”

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