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Josefin Nilsson Joins '7 Days as a Kingpin'

Josefin Nilsson joins the cast of Paul Bunch comedy "7 Days as a Kingpin" which also stars Daveigh Chase (Publicity Photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Swedish actress Josefin Nilsson, known for the horror thriller “Darkest Decision” has joined the film comedy “7 Days as a Kingpin.”

Written and directed by Paul Bunch (“Hit and Run”), “7 Days as a Kingpin” tells the story of a well-intentioned insurance agent who, when forced to prove his sale skills or risk losing everything including his job and his girlfriend, finds himself trying to find a way to upload a half million dollars worth of cocaine – and he only has seven days to do it. The film stars Award Winning Daveigh Chase known for her work in “Donny Darko” and “The Ring.”

“I will be playing the leading role of the girlfriend Kerry,” she said. “I feel confident to take on the challenge of this hilarious comedy. It will be my first time working with Paul Bunch and I feel super excited about it. My character is the kind of girl who turns the head of everyone she passes, so I am working out a little extra right now and I am on a strict diet.”

Executive producer John Ryan Jr. (“Total Divas”) said Nilsson brings much to the production: “We have searched worldwide to cast this character. As a European actress with a powerful and unique set of features, she makes the ideal lead as Kerry and we are happy to have Josefin on board for this movie.”

“As soon as I read the script I knew I had to do it. I have so much respect for Paul Bunch and I completely trust John Ryan, every project they get their hands on become a success,” she said.

Having a number of films to her credit, the acclaimed actress is making an impact after landing another leading role in the upcoming dramedy “Girl Games” that will go in production next month. The film, written and directed by renowned director Sean Patrick Cannon (“American High School”), tells the story of a beloved Hollywood star who faces the worst PR nightmare possible – he is blacklisted. The film is being co-produced by Solomon Productions, which produced the four-time award-winning film “The Code of Cain,” starring Eric Roberts.

Nilsson has been in demand for an impressive list of roles in several major film productions. Her most recent ventures include her leading role in the Netflix hit series “Corrupt Crimes” starring Cornell Womack – known for his roles in the Oscar-Nominated Film “Revenge of The Fallen” and Five-Time Award Winning Film “The Happening”, Alliance/A New Era’s film “Voices” which has recently been nominated for “Best Drama” at the CCH Film Festival, as well as her leading role as Cara Fox in the horror film ”Darkest Decision”, Officially Selected at the Northern Frights Film Festival.

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