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Alicia G Drops New Single 'Do It'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Acclaimed pop singer and hip hop/rap artist Alicia G is debuting her new single “Do It” today as she launches her new online store featuring all-new Alicia G merchandise.

“As the first single of the New Year, I wanted to send a positive message about not wasting time and just pursuing your dreams,” Alicia G said. “I love the fact as an artist I can use music to send a positive message to everyone and encourage them to use their talents to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult they may be and that’s what ‘Do It’ is about! Don’t just think about pursuing your dreams, just do it!”

Producing the single is award-winning producer Andrew Lane who is known for his work with Gwen Stefani, Backstreet Boys and others as he shows Alicia G extolling her positive “Do It” message with her energetic voice and bouncy beat. Using her own experience as a guide, Alicia G shares her optimism and positivity to inspire and encourage listeners to achieve their dreams.

To see the music video, click

Following up on the success of her hit single “Ca$h & Nap” this past summer, Alicia G blends pop, rock and hip hop in “Do It” with a mesmerizing beat and catchy melody that is at the heart of Alicia G’s music.

The new single follows the opening of the Official Alicia G store, With a variety of t-shirts, hoodies and more, the new store will give fans the only official signature Alicia G merchandise featuring the pop/hip hop star’s likeness and logo.

Coming to fame as a teenager when she first appeared in the ABC’s reality series “Wife Swap” in 2008, Alicia G had already received much acclaim as a teen beauty queen, having earned a number of titles by the time television producers came calling. As a dancer, star athlete and accomplished singer, Alicia G is today making her mark in pop and hip hop with such hits as “Pretty Girl” and “Reality TV” last year.

Fans can download Alicia G’s all new OneAvenue Fanmoji app, giving them a chance to download fun new emojis featuring cartoon versions of Alicia G.

The app is available at the iOS App Store. To visit Alicia G’s OneAvenue page, visit

For more on Alicia G, visit or follow her on Instagram at or on Twitter at

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