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Vertigo Reunites With Legendary Author Neil Gaiman to Curate 'The Sandman Universe'

LOS ANGELES – DC Entertainment announces the creation of “The Sandman Universe,” a new Vertigo line of comic books curated by Neil Gaiman, conjuring epic storytelling, immersing readers into the evolving world of the Dreaming. “The Sandman Universe” begins with four new ongoing series, existing in a shared universe, building upon Gaiman’s New York Times best-selling series that lyrically weaved together stories of dreams and magic.

“‘The Sandman Universe’ has always been very close and personal to me and I am thrilled to open up the world once again to an extremely talented group of writers and artists,” explains Gaiman. “I get to see the joy in these brilliant people whom I’ve selected, as they get their chance to play in this world.”

Each writer was hand-selected by Gaiman for the following series:

• “The Dreaming” by Si Spurrier (“2000AD,” “Suicide Squad”)

• “House of Whispers” by Nalo Hopkinson (“Brown Girl in the Ring,” “Midnight Robber,” “New Moon’s Arms”)

• “Lucifer” by Dan Watters (“Limbo,” “Assassin’s Creed” comic series)

• “Books of Magic” by Kat Howard (“Roses and Rot,” “An Unkindness of Magicians”)

The new line will begin August 8, 2018 with “The Sandman Universe #1,” a one-shot story plotted by Gaiman and co-written by the four series writers. The issue will reintroduce the Sandman Universe and its characters, while establishing conflicts that will be examined in the monthly comic books. “The Dreaming” and “House of Whispers” will debut in September with “Lucifer” and “Books of Magic” hitting shelves in October.

Vertigo is helmed by Executive Editor Mark Doyle, who returned to Vertigo last year after over-site of the Batman group of titles for DC, bringing a new editorial voice to the beloved imprint.

Gaiman continues, “We have a chance to remind people how fun this universe is, and with the new editorial direction from Mark Doyle, I believe we may create just a bit more magic for years to come.”

“Vertigo changed my life,” states Doyle. “I found Vertigo at a time when I was bored with comics, then I read ‘Sandman’ and my head exploded. Suddenly I saw all these endless storytelling possibilities. I knew I had to get into comics and I had to get into Vertigo. To return to the imprint and work with Neil Gaiman to expand the Sandman Universe—it’s honestly a dream come true.”

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