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Rocker Jimena Fosado Set to Release Debut Album

Gutarist Jimena Fosado is set to drop her debut album, "Living the Unknown" this summer (Photo by Greg Papazian).

LOS ANGELES – Rocker Jimena Fosado, who has been setting the music world on fire with her work with legendary guitarist Steve Vai, Pink Floyd sax man Scott Page and others, is preparing to release her first solo album, “Living the Unknown" in July.

The 22-year-old guitar phenom is bringing her unique musical stylings to music fans everywhere with a remarkable new instrumental album featuring her eclectic blend of pop, rock, heavy metal and rhythm and blues. “Living the Unknown” features 10 songs that show the artist’s range and many influences.

“I always wanted to record an album ever since I started writing music in high school.” Fosado said. “I’m finally doing it after realizing that now is the best time do it after working with so many great artists and seeing how many songs I’ve written over the years.”

The album will be available on iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere in July.

The new album is a long time in coming for Fosado who grew up in Mexico City listening to a wide range of music and taking up the guitar thanks to her piano-playing father and his devotion to rock music.

“I started out listening to Green Day, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Sum41, Linkin Park, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Slipknot. Joe Satriani inspired me the most,” she recalled. “I went to his concert as a gift from my dad and I was blown away by his skills and his music. All his solos and melodies are so creative. I always define him as my hero.”

Known for her energetic guitar playing and extreme shredding skills, Fosado has been in demand with a number of artists like Steve Vai during recent tours. The talented guitarist has been a sought after back to her early days in high school and college, having performed in several bands and growing her talent by exploring various styles of rock music.

“I always liked the U.S to be honest. I always wanted to come here to be known by everyone in the world,” she recalled. “But it was hard to be taken seriously. Every time I walked into a store and I wanted to try guitars, the sellers or other buyers would look at me like ‘Ugh.’ With an attitude as if I didn’t know what I was asking for or I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Today, Fosado continues to explore her musical talent with a single set for release next month and plans for a tour and another album.

For more on Jimena Fosado visit or follow her on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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