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Antonios Antoniadis Finds his Niche in the Upcoming 'Darkest Road'

Actor Antonios Antoniadis stars in the film thriller "Darkest Road" from writer/director Ryan Del Nero (publicity photo).

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Growing up in Spain, actor Antonios Antoniadis had a love for movies and popular television shows. But it wasn’t until he was at a British boarding school and asked to join a school play that he discovered a love for acting.

It would take some drama classes in college that he decided to pursue acting full time and ultimately earn his first starring role in the upcoming crime thriller “Darkest Road.”

“I’m really excited to take on the role of this complex character in such a compelling film,” Antoniadis. “As my first starring role in a full feature, I was carrying the film and I was nervous, but I was very excited about it.”

Written and directed by Ryan Del Nero, “Darkest Road” tells the story of a police detective Thomas O’Connor who along with his fellow detectives, is out on the trail of an elusive serial killer. The film also stars Vincent Duval (“Wheels”), Brianna Oppenheimer (“The Trail”), Jasmin Jandreau (“Argo”), Rene Abelar (“Court of Appeals”) and Erica Chappell (“Kiss My Ashes”).

“There are a lot of great scenes in this film with a lot of tension and suspense,” Antoniadis said. “My character has a lot of sides to him that make him very interesting and complex at the same time that show that there’s more to him than what he may seem. It makes for a lot of excitement and action.”

As the son of a Greek father and a Russian mother, Antoniadis grew up in Spain where he excelled in school and became interested in theater after joining his high school’s production of the musical “Moulin Rouge.” He would go on to study acting and business management at Exeter University in England. But his love for acting would take him to Los Angeles where he enrolled at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts to further his studies.

It was there that he would take on leading roles in classic American dramas such as “The Crucible” and “Doubt,” while also developing his comedic and character abilities in such roles as Satan in “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” and as Bottom in Shakespeare’s “A Mid Summer Nights Dream.”

Upon graduation, the athletic European newcomer was already making his move as casting directors and producers began casting him in various projects that showcased his versatility from a humorous young man and a moody young student to a mercurial police detective with a chip on his shoulder. Among his films are “Movement,” the award-winning short-film “Strangers in Love,” “WTF!” “Proxy,” “Magic Boots,” the upcoming “Hollow Bedrooms,” and others.

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