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Doris Perrolf Joins Film Thriller 'Vika'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Creating or simply enhancing the mood through sound is Doris Perrolf’s stock in trade. As a veteran sound expert, the soft-spoken Perrolf is doing just that in the new film “Vika” from filmmaker Andres Di Bono (“Our Father”).

“It’s a great film with a great anti-bullying message that is especially timely in this day and age,” Perrolf said. “I’m extremely proud to be a part of a team that worked so hard on a film that has something special to say to everyone.”

“Vika” tells the story of Jennifer Linna was mostly a normal 12-year-old girl, until the merciless Mary and Julie traumatically bullied her to the point her personality was split into two: One light. One dark. The film stars Crystal Franceschini (“Paint Night”), newcomers Tira Mansbacher and Heaven King, Anna Berezovskiy (“This Isn’t Real”), Vika Stubblebine (“Insecure”) and Marlene Garcia-King (“Staged”).

“When I first looked at the script I loved it and couldn’t wait to get started,” Perrolf said. “When you have these horror and suspense elements, sound plays a big role by accentuating common sounds like footsteps, the trees rustling and even a ticking clock. This film gave me a chance to be very creative while working with really talented people.”

Perrolf comes to the project from the upcoming film thriller “My Dead Selfie,” from director Joy Shannon starring Sharena Walker (“Torment: A Love Story”). Her past work includes the TV series “Film HQ,” “The Saints,” as well as the films “The Bus Stop,” “Together Again” and others.

A native of Sweden, Perrolf was an accomplished soccer and ice hockey player in her native country as well as musician and artist before turning her attention to the film industry. Today, she is a sought-after sound engineer by filmmakers and TV producers as well as musicians through her work as chief engineer with the American Federation of Musicians which works with a variety of artists in support of their musical recordings.

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