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Antonios Antoniadis Joins Upcoming Film Drama 'Strangers in Love'

LOS ANGELES, Calif.– Antonios Antoniadis of the upcoming film "Darkest Roads," is joining Dionne van den Berg’s new film drama “Strangers in Love.”

Written and directed by van den Berg, who is known for the award-winning film “Leaving,” “Strangers in Love” tells the story of a man and woman who meet and immediately fall in love without truly knowing each other, eventually having to face the impact of mental illness that threatens to destroy their relationship.

“I’m very grateful to be a part of Dionne’s vision and film that has so much meaning and such amazing characters,” the Spanish actor said . “My character has a bipolar disorder and it begins impacting their relationship in a major way. It’s a very challenging role that shows you a part of a person that you don’t often see. It’s dark, but it’s also uplifting.”

“Strangers in Love” also stars van den Berg as Alex’s love interest, with Jennifer Gould and Eric Baldwin making their film debuts. The film has earned a number of nominations at Los Angeles International Film Festival, Move Me Film Festival in Belgium, Pacific Coast International Film Festival, and TopShorts Film Festival, among others.

“Antonios did a fabulous job as Alex and brought a lot of realism and true emotion the character,” van den Berg said. “It’s complex character relationship that truly comes across as genuine and real. He’s very talented and a real pleasure to work with.”

The role gives Antoniadis a chance to tap into his past experience with someone dealing with bipolar disorder and the impact it had on him and others. The situation made an indelible impression on the talented actor.

“I had a personal experience that helped me with that in that I was in a relationship with someone who something like that,” he recalled. “I came into this piece with a good understanding to what it is and how it affects you. It’s a terrible to thing to have your brain fighting against you.”

The actor is known for his heartfelt portrayals of characters that range from a humorous young man and a moody young student to a mercurial police detective with a chip on his shoulder. Among his films are the upcoming feature film “Darkest Road,” where he stars along with Vincent Duvall, as well as the film drama “Movement,” “WTF!” “Proxy,” “Magic Boots,” the upcoming “Hollow Bedrooms,” and others.

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